Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin 乾性皮膚同脫水性皮膚有咩分別?

Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin

Winter is coming! You probably are already all too aware that your skin tends to get dry, flaky and itchy in the cold winter months, but what should you do about it? And do you really need to change your skincare with the seasons? It all depends on whether your skin is dry or dehydrated. 

What’s the difference between dry and dehydrated skin? They are similar in a lot of ways: both are made worse by colder and drier weather and both can be flaky and uncomfortable. But the major difference is that dry skin is a skin type (based on how much oil your skin naturally produces) that typically won’t change much over time. Dehydrated skin is a temporary condition and can happen to anyone at any time. Any skin type can lose too much water and become dehydrated. But the good news is that both dry and dehydrated skin can be treated with smart skincare! Typically, a good rule of thumb is that:

Dry skin needs oil and dehydrated skin needs water. 

Because dry skin is caused by a lack of natural oil production of the skin, you can use topical oils to add it back! Check out our collection of Hawaiian inspired face oils to help your skin hydrate without feeling greasy! They’re perfect for dry skin anytime of the year!

Anyone with any skin type can get dehydrated skin if the skin loses too much water! This typically happens when your skin barrier is weakened from things like cold air, wind, sun or over exfoliating. When your skin’s barrier is weakened it can’t stop water from evaporating (also known as TEWL Trans Epidermal Water Loss). Unfortunately, just splashing water onto your face isn’t enough to add water to your skin. A great way to keep your skin hydrated is to look for products with humectants, which help to bind water to your skin. Our SOS Booster Cream is perfect for dehydrated skin because it contains honey extract, a natural humectant!


乾性皮膚 ≠ 脫水性皮膚



皮膚乾燥就係由於皮膚缺乏天然油脂而引起,所以你可以用油類產品去幫皮膚補充返適量嘅油分,有效舒緩皮膚乾燥嘅情況,令皮膚變得更加健康。有興趣可以睇下我哋源自夏威夷靈感嘅Facial Oil,唔油膩而且仲適合乾性皮膚四季使用。


就算皮膚水份充足,但當皮膚嘅天然屏障因為冷空氣、風、日光等等而變弱時,皮膚就無辦法阻止水份蒸發(亦稱為TEWL Trans表皮失水),所以就算任何皮膚膚質都有機會出現脫水嘅情況。可能有人會話,平時清潔都會有水停留係皮膚,但好可惜呢啲水份上根本唔足以為皮膚補水。保持皮膚水分嘅一種好方法要搵含有保濕劑嘅產品,先可以有助於將水分結合到皮膚上。而SOS Booster Cream特別適合脫水性皮膚,當中以Ectoin作為天然保護劑保護皮膚屏障,有效為皮膚鎖住水份並回復皮膚彈性。
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