How Does Pollution Affect Your Skin? 污染會點樣影響我哋嘅皮膚?

How does pollution affect your skin

It’s common to hear about the dangers of UVA and UVB rays from the sun but recently there are two other kinds of pollution that can cause damage to skin and premature aging. 

Particulate Matter (PM)

The particulate matter that is related to skin health are the small pieces of soot that come from the combustion of fossil fuels, like car exhaust or heavy industry. This type of pollution can react with skin and cause oxidative stress to our cells. Studies have shown that PM can lead to wrinkles and pigmentation and can even worsen atopic dermatitis, acne scars and psoriasis. 

Blue Light

Blue light is a high energy visible light or HEV. This type of light is present in sunlight but you can also find it in the light emitted from the countless screens we all use everyday! Blue light has a wavelength of 390 – 500nm, and can penetrate deep into the dermal layers of the skin, where it generates reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can cause oxidative damage and photo-aging of the skin and damages our skin’s natural collagen. 

So what can we do? Fortunately there have been advances in skin care and research that can help us fight the effects of pollution on our skin. 

  • AntioxidantsBoost antioxidants in your skin with products containing vitamins (especially C and E!) and things like green tea and chamomile. Check out our toner collection which are full of antioxidants.
  • Barrier ProtectionYou can use skin care to create a physical barrier between your skin and harmful pollution. Our SOS Booster Cream creates a non-greasy barrier plus it contains an ingredient called Ectoin which protects skin from visible light on the cellular level. 
  • CleansingFor particulate matter, it’s important to wash off all of the accumulated pollution and dust at the end of the day. Make sure you are using a gentle cleanser that won’t break down your skin’s moisture barrier. 

How does pollution affect your skin


懸浮粒子(Particulate Matter)

懸浮粒子係由燃燒化石燃料、車輛廢氣排放同重工業等等所產生嘅固體顆粒。呢種污染物會令身體細胞產生反應而導致氧化壓力(Oxidative Stress),有研究證實懸浮粒子會導致皺紋形成同色素沉澱,長時間接觸甚至會引致持續性皮炎、令濕疹和牛皮癬等等惡化。

藍光(Blue Light)

藍光係一種高能量可見光,又叫做HEV。這種類型嘅光除咗存在係陽光下,連我地平時用嘅電話、電腦營幕都存在呢種光。藍光嘅波長為390 – 500nm,可以深入皮膚嘅真皮層,從而產生活性氧(ROS),令皮膚氧化、受損同埋造成光老化,損害皮膚天然嘅膠原蛋白。



使用含有維生素C、維生素E、綠茶同洋甘菊嘅產品有助增強皮膚抗氧化能力。而我哋爽膚水系列同埋Instant Glow Hydrating Oil都含有豐富嘅抗氧化劑,加入到日常護膚步驟對皮膚有好大幫助。


您可以使用護膚品為皮膚同有害污染物之間建立一個天然屏障。SOS Booster Cream可以產生一層唔油膩嘅屏障,入面含有一種稱為Ectoin嘅成分,可保護皮膚免受細胞水平可見光嘅傷害。




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