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Every single day no matter where you live, your skin battles air pollution, UVA/UVB rays from the sun, harsh ingredients within ordinary household items, and even the blue light from computer screens! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and the most important barrier shielding you from pollutants. Environmental contaminants influence the composition of skin lipids, weaken skin barrier function, and can actually penetrate through your skin.

With continued exposure to these toxins, a number of issues can arise, including oxidative stress, pigmentation, inflammation, and skin sensitivity. Conditions such as acne, eczema, and even premature aging are linked to the harsh substances in our environment.

Protecting your skin and building its overall health is crucial. Herbs’Oil, The New Generation of Healthy Skin Care is here to fortify your skin against the effects of pollution! At Herbs’Oil, we believe in a holistic approach to improve your overall skin health. Instead of focusing only on one or two skin care concerns, Herbs’Oil focuses on building long-term healthy skin. We help you repair existing damage to your skin, while restoring and strengthening healthy new skin that will naturally protect you from the everyday environment.

Finding the balance between nature and science is an art, and we promise to always use the best and safest ingredients for the job without compromising your health. Herbs’Oil stays on top of the most up-to-date research in the industry in order to deliver results-driven products.

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Herbs'Oil源於夏威夷,希望透過天然與科學的結合,製作出安全、功效顯著的產品,保護皮膚免受各種環境因素的傷害。無論你身在何處,日常生活中肌膚無時無刻都在對抗空氣污染、太陽的UVA/UVB射線、空氣中的刺激致敏源、甚至家電用品的藍光。各種的環境污染均會影響皮膚的脂質,穿透肌膚並削弱其天然屏障的功能。因此,保護是回復皮膚健康不可或缺的因素。Herbs'Oil –– 新一代的健康護膚理念,與你並肩對抗環境污染對肌膚的侵害。我們堅信回復肌膚健康是改善皮膚的重要一環,不單單集中於處理個別的肌膚問題,我們亦致力令每位用家能持久擁有健康皮膚。透過尋找自然與科學之間的平衡,堅持以最高品質、安全的成份製作每一件產品,確保不會對肌膚造成任何傷害,以先進的研發及製造成就最顯著功效的產品。

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