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Our Brand Story

Herbs’Oil was founded in Hawaii, started by two best friends, Vriko and Tata. Tata has always had sensitive skin and spent so much time and effort trying to fix it. She tried many products; some were too harsh and some products were too mild with no results. She found that many she tried were made of mostly filler ingredients and weren't actually effective. Vriko is constantly on the move; travelling around the world from airport to airport, plus the air pollution in Hong Kong made her skin very unstable. Both Tata and Vriko needed a better solution.

The final straw came when Tata’s second child was born with serious eczema. Tata simply couldn’t find anything to help him. Then, inspired by her recent move from Hong Kong to Hawaii, Tata looked to the power of nature to help deal with her son’s skin issues and saw dramatic results! Hawaii is home to a multitude of native medicinal plants and herbs that ancient Hawaiians have used to treat all kinds of skin-related issues, from eczema to acne. They were both so blown away by this eye-opening experience they wanted to share it with the world. So, together they founded Herbs’Oil!

After teaming up with chemists and professional formulators they were able to combine both nature and science to create products with safe and effective ingredients to provide a gentle solution to care for your skin. The ancient wisdom of Hawaii continues to guide and inspire Herbs’Oil to harness the spirit and lifestyle of the islands to help you glow from the inside and outside!


Herbs'Oil Gentle Skin Care Solutions

Our Commitment

Herbs’ Oil products are made without even a drop of harmful ingredients while still delivering visible results.

Herbs’Oil is the new generation of healthy skin care. But what does that really mean? To put it simply, it means: plant-based, safe, and effective.

We believe that you can have it all! You can have healthy, youthful skin without compromising your health or well-being. At Herbs’Oil our products are never tested on animals, and Tata and Vriko would never share anything they don’t use on their own skin. So you can be confident that our products are safe and gentle while still giving you visible results. We know many of you suffer from sensitive skin from time to time, and in fact over 60% of women report that they have sensitive skin! That’s why we pay close attention to everything we put into our products. We steer clear of parabens, artificial colors or fragrances, petrochemicals, phthalates, or any other ingredients that research shows are irritating to skin. So, put your skin on island time and give it some TLC. 

We bring the power of Aloha into every aspect of our business. That means spreading the love and welcoming spirit of the Hawaiian people. So, welcome to the Herbs’Oil family and Mahalo.

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