Founders' Story

Herbs’Oil was founded in Hawaii by Tata and Vriko, who both had skin issues arising from different sources. Growing up, Vriko considered herself lucky because she had always had “good skin,” but non-stop traveling, stress, and environmental pollution caused her skin to become unstable and nothing helped. Tata always had sensitive skin and tried everything from expensive luxury brands to homemade “DIY disasters” to fix her skin, but no available product worked for her. For both Tata and Vriko, the familiar and painful symptoms of “bad skin” – dullness, large pores, inflammation and redness – became daily companions.

When Tata’s son was born, he inherited his mother’s sensitive skin and developed serious eczema across his face and body. Tata took him to many doctors and tried many standard and prescribed treatments, but the condition persisted. With a mother’s love and determination to save her son from pain and itching, Tata spent endless hours reading vast amounts of research on the root causes of skin issues and all forms of treatment, including medicinal plant traditions and natural therapies from Hawaii.

From this research came a new understanding that would change her son’s life: to truly soothe and restore the skin, the overall health of our skin must be taken into account and treated, not just the obvious skin condition. By understanding the interconnection of skin sensitivity, harsh ingredients in ordinary household products, and the environmental pollution that surrounds us, skincare products were needed that not only restored damaged skin, but protected the skin on a daily basis from the environment.

In Hawaii, our founders rediscovered a skin remedy that incorporates natural plant-based substances from traditional Hawaiian medicine and combines them with modern science. This amazing natural remedy not only soothed the eczema on Tata’s son, but both Tata and Vriko saw incredible improvements in their skin conditions! From there, Tata and Vriko teamed up with skincare formulators and chemists to create products that work to fight the effects of daily pollution and improve your skin’s overall health. Herbs’Oil products repair and fortify your skin so that you can have the best skin of your life, and keep it that way!



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