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    1. Campaign period starts Oct 27
    2. The video should be 10-50 seconds in length. There are no restrictions on what kind of video equipment can be used as long as the recorded video is clear
    3. The video should be emailed to If the video file is too large, please use a file sharing website such as and send the file to
    4. The video must meet the following conditions: the full brand name "Herbs’Oil Hawaii" must be mentioned; your face and products should be shown clearly; the background should be uncluttered; the video should be shot with sufficient lighting; your review about your shopping experience should be real and honest
    5. Each participant may only submit one video
    6. If your video meets all the required conditions, you will be contacted by Customer Service to select your free product
    7. No changes can be made after your product is selected, nor can it be exchanged for cash or discount coupons. Your product will be sent within 7-9 working days
    8. Once your video is submitted, Herbs'Oil claims ownership of the video content and reserves all rights to edit the video at any time, before or after publishing
    9. Herbs'Oil can use and post the video content to any platform, including but not limited to the Herbs'Oil website, social media (such as Facebook), other online platforms or websites, and printed promotional materials
    10. In the case of a dispute, Herbs'Oil reserves the right to make the final decision

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    1. Video Review由10月27開始
    2. 影片長度約10-50秒,可使用任何可以清晰拍攝影片及錄音之攝影器材
    3. 影片需自行電郵至,如影片檔案過大請使用並傳送至
    4. 影片必需符合以下條件:需提及 Herbs’Oil Hawaii 全名、能清晰看到你的面部及產品、 單色或整潔背景、光線充足或室外陽光拍攝及分享真實產品用後感及購物過程
    5. 每位分享者只限參與一次
    6. 符合所有條件之短片將有專人聯絡選取免費產品
    7. 禮品揀選後不可作任何更改,亦不可兌換為現金或折扣優惠卷,並會於7-9個工作天內寄出
    8. 所有影片版權歸Herbs'Oil 擁有並有權於分享發佈前後作出修改
    9. Herbs'Oil可使用及發佈本人分享之影片,包括但不止限於Herbs'Oil網站、社交媒體平台 (如Facebook及其他網上平台或網站和相關印刷宣傳材料)
    10. 如有任何爭議,Herbs'Oil 將保留最終決定權。
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