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Anniversary Starter Kit 週年慶套裝

Build a healthy skin care routine with this Anniversary Starter Kit! Get started with:

  • Travel Size Chamomile Calendula Toner or Tea Tree Toner (choose 1)
  • Travel Size SOS Booster Serum
  • 1 piece SOS Booster Hydrating and Brightening Mask
  • Brightening Cream Mask
  • Love of the Island Zipper Pouch


  • 洋甘菊敏感皮膚爽膚水59ml 舒緩敏感、泛紅痕癢並鎮靜肌膚

  • 茶樹爽膚水59ml 平衡肌膚油脂、舒緩暗瘡爆發情況並收斂毛孔
  • SOS Booster Serum 10ml 清爽不油膩,有效為肌膚保濕、收細毛孔並能夠快速被肌膚吸收
  • Herbs'Oil Brightening Cream Mask 30ml 抑制黑色素並改善暗沉膚色,有效降紅,加速修復肌膚
  • SOS Booster Hydrating Mask 1片 高效保濕、提亮肌膚並收細毛孔,安全低敏甚至孕媽媽都適用
After cleansing, apply toner to remove any excess dirt and prepare your skin to better absorb moisture from the next few steps. You have choose between our best selling toners: Chamomile Calendula or Teatree Toner (59ml).

Use our SOS Booster Serum after toning for extra moisture and to build a layer of protection from damage and aging caused by environmental factors, such as UV and pollution.

Regularly incorporate a face mask into your routine for maximum hydration. This set comes with: 1 piece of our SOS Booster Hydrating and Brightening Mask if you are in the mood to pamper yourself with a sheet mask; as well as our Brightening Cream Mask to revive dull skin.

All these items come in a beautiful zipper pouch so you can keep your skin care routine at hand.


Products may be made with naturally derived ingredients, which in rare cases may cause sensitivity in certain individuals. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. If you are uncertain about possible sensitivity, always do a patch test before use or consult your healthcare professional.

Products may contain oils and butters from natural nuts, seeds and fruit. If you have any allergies please read the product label carefully. We recommend that people with sensitive skin perform a patch test first to ensure there is no reaction. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

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Anniversary Starter Kit 週年慶套裝

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