Anti-Pollution Set 四週年防污染套裝

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  • Chamomile Calendula Toner 洋甘菊敏感皮膚爽膚水
  • SOS Booster Serum 零秒深層補濕精華
  • Blue Tansy Light Moisturizer 藍艾菊保濕乳液 
  • Herbs'Oil Brightening Cream Mask
Herbs’Oil is here to fortify your skin against the effects of pollution, and this Anti-Pollution Set is a great first step! Repair existing damage to your skin, while restoring and strengthening healthy new skin that will naturally protect you from the everyday environment.

To help strengthen your overall skin health, this set includes:
  • Chamomile Calendula Toner
  • SOS Booster Serum
  • Blue Tansy Light Moisturizer
  • Brightening Cream Mask

 What's included in the Anti-Pollution Set? 

  • Chamomile Calendula Toner: chamomile calms irritated skin while aloe vera juice base balances the skin’s pH and preps it for moisturizing.
  • SOS Booster Serum: ectoin protects the skin from damage and aging caused by environmental factors, such as UV and air pollution.
  • Blue Tansy Light Moisturizer: a fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula with a key blue tansy ingredient that provides a calming effect.
  • Brightening Cream Mask: natural ceramides and cupuacu butter serve to revive dull skin without drying it out.


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Anti-Pollution Set 四週年防污染套裝

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