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Purifying Soap Set: Face, Body and Soul

Relax and unwind with our limited-quantity Purifying Soap Set. Made with therapeutic grade essentials oils to cleanse your mind & body.

What's Included?
  1. Instant Beauty Bar: 1 oz
  2. Ginger Turmeric Body Soap: 1 oz <<< NEW!!!
  3. Adult Soothing Body Soap: 1.6 oz
  4. Blue Ocean Hand Soap: 1 oz <<< NEW!!!
  5. Lavender Goat Milk Body Soap: 1 oz <<< NEW!!!


🌊Blue Ocean溫和洗手皂1oz
溫和配方洗手皂,減少使用刺激皮膚的消毒洗手液,Blue Ocean當中嘅尤加利精油香氣可以鎮靜情緒,在古代儀式中有淨化能量的作用
🌷Lavender goat milk body soap1oz
使用薰衣草精油,在淋浴時的水蒸氣洋溢著令人身心鬆弘的香氣,將煩惱放下 ,另外亦含有小型農場內羊媽媽提取嘅新鮮羊奶,所有羊媽媽都受到人道的照顧而且只會供應小量需求


  1. Instant Beauty Bar:  1 oz
    Made with natural ingredients from Hawaii, each piece of soap is uniquely made to cleanse skin, even out skin tone, and remove dullness without drying.
  2. Ginger Turmeric Body Soap: 1 oz  <<< NEW!!!
    Fight breakouts and reduce the appearance of scarring as well as signs of aging and skin damage, all while moisturizing and restoring radiance to your complexion.
  3. Adult Soothing Body Soap: 1.6 oz
    Beyond just cleansing, this soap is specially designed to soothe and calm skin while also moisturizing.
  4. Blue Ocean Hand Soap: 1 oz  <<< NEW!!!
    Clean and moisturize hands while also protecting against virus or infection with the power of black walnut hulls!
  5. Lavender Goat Milk Body Soap: 1 oz  <<< NEW!!!
    Soothe skin while enjoying the relaxing scent of lavender.



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Purifying Soap Set: Face, Body and Soul

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