VIP會員計劃 – Herbs'Oil Hawaii

VIP Membership

1. Spend $1780 in a single purchase to automatically be enrolled in our VIP Program.

1. 單一消費滿 HKD1780*,即可成為會員

2. Receive 5% off every subsequent order once you become a VIP!

2. 尊享全年95折嘅購物優惠

3. VIP membership is valid for one year.

3. 有效期為一年

VIP Renewal

Spend $1000 within 90 days of your membership expiration date, and your VIP membership will automatically be renewed for one year.

會藉到期前90日內,消費滿 HKD1000*(可合併訂單),即可將會藉更新延長1年

Our VIP Program is automatic, which means less hassle for you! However, if you do happen to have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service department.


Mahalo for subscribing.