Meet the Microorganisms! 你知唔知微生物係咩🧫❓

Meet the Microorganisms

What is the skin microbiome?

Just like you learned about biomes in the plant and animal world our skin also contains microbiomes! Microbiomes are defined as a colony of microorganisms. Also called skin flora, these can be organisms ranging from bacteria and fungi to viruses and mites. Some of these microorganisms work with the skin in a symbiotic relationship and while others can actually be harmful to skin.

Your microbiome is unique!

Both internal and external factors can contribute to your individual skin microbiome. Internally, your genetics and things like your age or sex can change your skin’s microbiome. Externally, your skin flora can be affected by your hygiene, the products you use and your lifestyle. Plus the organisms on your skin are different all over your body; your underarm has different organisms that your face!

How does the microbiome affect your skin?

The main function of our skin is to serve as a physical barrier to the outside world to protect us against pathogens. The microbiome is in a delicate balance to create the best possible barrier. When everything is working well the microbiome helps to balance pH, produce vital nutrients and essential lipids. If the balance is disrupted our skin is more vulnerable to stressors and can experience wrinkles, loss of firmness, inflammation and sensitivity. Therefore, maintaining the skin’s natural barrier is not the only key to things like getting that glowy look (although, who doesn’t want that) but it’s also highly important for protecting ourselves from potentially harmful microorganisms.

How can we keep our microbiome healthy?

First of all, be gentle to your skin! Avoid harsh or irritating ingredients and particularly look for a soothing and gentle cleanser that doesn’t have SLS. We don’t use SLS or SLES in any of our products so you can be sure they are gentle on your skin. For extra sensitive skin, if you are looking for a mild cleanser you can use daily, check out our Calendula Soothing Gel Cleanser or our Ocean 3+ Hydrating Cream Cleanser.
Meet the Microorganisms










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