• SF Express is the recommended shipping method: SF stations have 24/7 air conditioned facilities, ensuring our products will not be affected by heat and adverse weather conditions.
  • Customers will receive an e-mail notification when an order has been shipped. You may check your shipment status within 24 hours on the SF website.
  • Please pick up your parcel within 3 days. In the case that your order is returned to us, any extra shipping fees incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.

1. How can I place an order?

  • The most direct way to shop with us is to through our official website
  • We accept Paypal, credit card, PayMe, FPS, and bank transfer (exclusively for Hong Kong). Please note that bank transfer can be selected at checkout. Please make sure to send a record of your transaction to customer service.

2. What are your shipping fees?


  • Self Pick-Up at SF Express points/EF Lockers: HKD$30
  • Commercial Address: HKD$30
  • Residential Address: HKD$30
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over HKD$598


  • Shipping fees will vary depending on the destination and package weight.
  • Shipping charges and options will be shown at checkout. 
  • All custom issues and/or fees incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.

3. When will I receive my order?

  • Under normal circumstances, you shall receive your products within 7-9 business days.

4. What if I received the wrong item or number of items?

5. How do I know which products are suitable for my skin?

  • We suggest customers (especially those with special skin conditions) read the product information and ingredient list, and consult with our customer service team prior to purchasing a product for the first time - Whatsapp 51814669 OR Facebook Live Chat

*Please note that NO Herbs'Oil products are suitable for people with G6PD condition*

6. What is the 7-day guarantee?

If a new promotional offer is announced within 7 days of you placing an order, you may request that we honor the new discount, given the following conditions apply:

  • The 7-day guarantee may only be applied once on an order
  • Not applicable to orders that used promotional items or coupons
  • Excludes free shipping promotions
  • Must be applied to your entire order
  • Applies only to un-shipped orders

*If you have any questions, please contact CS. Herbs'Oil reserves the right to make the final decision.

7. How can I return or exchange my product?

  • For broken, damaged, or incorrect products, connect with our customer service team within 3 days of receiving the products. 
  • If you experience skin sensitivities or allergies with a product, please connect with our customer service team within 7 days of receiving the product and we will do our best to help you. Your experience is of the utmost importance to us! 
  • We want to make sure that we understand your reason for wanting to return so that we can make sure you are completely satisfied with your experience with Herbs’Oil. We can also recommend products for exchanges.
  • It is important that you contact Customer Care before you send in a return or exchange. We are not responsible for returns lost in transit that have not been communicated to our customer service team.
  • Message our customer service team on Facebook or WhatsApp us at +852 51814669.

*Please note that ALL TOOLS (e.g. Hair Brush, Cream Mask Brush, Powder Brush, Sponge, Soap Pad) are NOT refundable. 


  •  順豐站自取是最快的郵寄方法,自取點均有冷氣,能確保我們的產品不會被天氣濕熱影響品質。
  • 出貨後,客人會收到電郵通知順豐單號,約24小時內便可在順豐官網追縱,適時自取/收件。
  • 客人請於3個工作天內取件,以防出現退貨情況,留意重寄費用會由客人負擔。

1. 如何訂購?

  • 最直接的方法就係在網店 購買啊。
  • 我地接受 Paypal/信用咭/銀行過數FPSPayMe,銀行過數亦係經網站落單。請將入數紀錄傳送給客服同事!

    2. 運費?


    •  順豐站/智能櫃自取 HKD$30 [順豐快遞 - 5-7個工作日
    • 商業地址:HKD$30  [順豐快遞 - 5-7個工作日
    • 住宅地址:HKD$30  [順豐快遞 - 7-9個工作日
    • 購物滿HKD$598免運費 [可選順豐站/智能櫃/商業地址/住宅地址]


    • 請注意:本店使用香港郵政服務寄出,而所有海關事務及稅項均由客人負責。
    • 以重量及地區計算

      3. 我會幾耐同點樣收到貨品?

      • 一般7-9個工作天內出貨

          4. 收到錯的產品?

             5. 我如何得知產品適合我呢?

            • 我們建議客人(尤其有特別皮膚情況的朋友)購買前,閱讀清楚產品資料及成分,我們亦歡迎客人向客服同事查詢:Whatsapp 51814669 OR Facebook Live Chat 


            6. 七天保證計劃

            • 適用於所有在任何新優惠的前7天及並未使用任何優惠的訂單
            • 以下單時間為準
            • 不適用於已使用任何優惠卷或選購優惠產品之訂單
            • 不包括免運費優惠
            • 如需要取消訂單使用最新優惠,便需要全單取消,不能保留部份訂單, 訂單會作新單日期編排
            • 只適用於未出貨訂單,已出貨之訂單不適用於此計劃
            • 如有任何問題請與CS同事聯絡
            • 如有任何爭議,Herbs'Oil 保留最終決定權

              7. 退貨及換貨細則

              • 如收到任何損壞或不正確的產品 請於收件後3天內與客戶服務聯絡
              • 如您使用後有任何敏感反應,請於收件後7天內與客戶服務聯絡,我們十分重視您的使用感受!
              • 可於Facebook Fans page inbox/ WhatsApp +852 51814669. 我們希望先與你了解退換貨的原因才提供合適的方案。先聯絡客戶服務員是十分重要的,因為我們不會承擔任何未經審核所產生的任何運費
              *請留意: 所有工具產品不可退換, 例如Hair Brush、Cream Mask Brush、          Powder Brush、Sponge、Soap Pad 及其他工具產品

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