Loyalty Program


  • How are points accumulated?

    You will earn points for each purchase! The number of points you earn per purchase will depend on what status level you are in. Palm Tree status members earn at a rate of 1 point per $4 spent; Coconut status members earn at a rate of 1 point per $3 spent; and Pineapple status members earn at a rate of 1 point per $2 spent.
    Other Ways to Earn

  • What kind of rewards are offered?

    Your points can be redeemed for the rewards listed below.

  • How do I redeem my points?

    Once your account reaches enough points to redeem a reward, you may log in to your account, scroll to the loyalty account widget, and click the Redeem button for the reward you wish to redeem. You will receive a coupon code for your reward which you can redeem at checkout with your next purchase. If you redeem a free product, please make sure the product is in your cart. When you enter the coupon code, that product will show as "Free" in your cart!

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  • Can I redeem multiple rewards at once?

    No, only 1 reward may be redeemed per order.

  • Are there different status levels of this program? How do I reach the next status?

    You will enter Palm Tree status as soon as you open an account. Once you earn 500 points within a year, you will be upgraded to Coconut status. If you earn 1500 points or more during the year, you will be upgraded to Pineapple status. Each upgraded status has greater earning potential as well as other perks. (Your status for the start of this loyalty program will be based on your spending from June 2019-May 2020).  

    Loyalty Program Tiers

  • How do I renew/extend my status?

    Once you reach a status, you are there forever! However, your points do expire if there is no activity in your account within 1 year (see below question regarding points expiration).

  • When will I see the points in my account?

    You will see the points in your account after your order is fulfilled. If your order is refunded, the points earned will be deducted from your account.

  • Do my points expire?

    If there is no activity in your account, i.e. if you do not earn or redeem any points, within 1 year, your points will expire.

  • How do I know when my points are about to expire?

    You will receive an email notification when your points are 30 days from expiration and 1 day from expiration. If you have questions regarding your points expiry, please contact Customer Service via Facebook.

  • Can I combine points from multiple accounts? Can I give my points to someone else?

    In order to protect the privacy and security of your account, we do not allow multiple users to combine their points, or give their points to others.

  • What if I cannot log in to my account?

    If you are having trouble logging in to your account, please contact Customer Service via Facebook for assistance.

  • What if I want to change my login information?

    If you need to change the email address you use to log in to your account, please contact Customer Service via Facebook for assistance.

Loyalty Program


  • 如何儲分?

    Palm Tree等級會員每港幣4元消費即獲得1分
    Other Ways to Earn

  • 所獲取的積分可換領甚麼禮品?


  • 如何兌換獎賞或生日積分?

    當您的儲夠所需積分,於網站登入帳戶後,進入我的帳戶,拉下至積分部份,選取換領您的獎賞。您將會經電郵收到優惠碼於下次購物使用。 如你換取免費產品,請確保產品於購物車中一同付款。輸入優惠碼後,換取之產品將會顯示為免費!

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  • 我可以於一張訂單使用數個已換取的獎賞嗎?


  • 如何成爲Coconut或Pineapple等級?會籍期限有多久?

    要成為Coconut等級,你須於註冊成為Palm Tree等級後的12個月內累積積分滿500。 要成為Pineapple等級,你須於成為Coconut等級後的12個月內累積積分滿1500。 Coconut及Pineapple等級會籍為期12個月。(計劃開始計分日期由2019年6月1日至2020年5月31日)

    Loyalty Program Tiers

  • 如何續會?


  • 我的積分何時能在帳戶中顯示?


  • 我的積分會過期嗎?


  • 如何查詢會籍是否經已過期?


  • 我可否合併多個賬戶的積分或給予他人使用?


  • 我的會員帳戶登入不成功,該如何處理?


  • 如我需更改會員登記電郵,該如何處理?

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