Promotion Terms

We are so happy that you are interested in our products. With our promotions, you are able to take advantage of the discounts as long as the promotion is running. Should the promotion be over, we would unfortunately not be able to extend the discount or honor past promotions.

However, the good news is that this year we have decided that as a company we are going to run more promotions and for longer! My recommendation is to note the time frame that each promotion is occurring so that you can plan your orders. You can find out about promotions via our Facebook group here. Hope that helps!

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

【FAQ】 - Promotions and Discounts

How is the discount applied?
All discounts are applied before shipping charges occur.

How long do your promotions last?
Each promotion is different and last different amounts of time. You can join our Facebook group to see the latest product sales and promotions.

I noticed that my item was discounted after I purchased it full price, can I still get the discount?
Unfortunately, we are unable to honor past promotions or give additional discounts on past purchases. After the order is place it is considered final. We hope that you will be able to take advantage of future promotions.

I missed the promotion deadline, can I still get the discount?
You are only able to take advantage of our promotions for as long as the promotions run for and we are unable to extend promotions.

Where can I find out about future promotions?
The best way to find out about current and future promotions is by joining our Facebook group.


我們很高興你對Herb's Oil的支持,並且對我們的產品感興趣。 我們很樂意為您解答任何疑難。 優惠活動期間,您可以以優惠價購買貨品。 如果活動結束,我們將不能夠延長折扣或兌現已過期的優惠。
好消息是,今年我們公司決定將推出更多的優惠活動且延長優惠的時間! 我們建議你留意每個活動的推廣時間,以便計劃您的訂單。 您可以通過我們的Facebook Group找到活動的詳情。 希望這些資訊對你有幫助!



每次活動的內容及推廣期都不同。 您可以加入我們的Facebook Group,以查看最新的產品情報和優惠活動。

很抱歉,在訂單被確認後便不能提供更改,我們無法為優惠活動前已購買的產品提供折扣。 我們希望您能夠參與及享受到下次的優惠活動.


了解當前和未來的優惠活動的最佳方式是就加入我們的Facebook Group

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