Skin Care Myth Debunked: Pores Can Open and Close 毛孔真係會根據溫度而收縮、擴張?

Skin Care Myth Debunked: Pores Can Open and Close

This myth has been around for a very long time! The idea that you can “open” your pores by adding heat and “close” your pores by adding cold has been the basis for countless products and skin care regimens. But no more! Let’s put it to rest.

This myth probably comes from the fact that muscles work this way--warm temperatures relax muscles and cold temperatures tense muscles up. We do have muscles under our skin (think about getting goosebumps on a cold day) and these are called arrector pili muscles. However, these muscles don’t control the opening of pores because pores are simply a hole in your skin!

It is true that applying a gentle warmth to skin can help oils come out of your pores more easily and applying a little bit of cold can help calm inflammation. But don’t put your skin through extreme temperatures that can actually cause irritation and sensitivity for your skin.


 Skin Care Myth Debunked: Pores Can Open and Close

毛孔幾時會擴張? 幾時會收細?



究竟呢種講法係點解會出現呢? 其實主要係源於肌肉(圖示4)既運作模式,高溫能夠令肌肉放鬆,而低溫就可以令肌肉收緊。我地皮膚下的確係有肌肉,好似冬天起嘅雞皮就係肌肉,而呢啲肌肉就會統稱為「豎毛肌Arrector Pili Muscles」。

但係,肌肉係控制唔到毛孔既擴張同縮小,因為毛孔只係皮膚上既一個細窿。 無錯,如果用溫和既暖水或者蒸氣等等的確可以令皮膚既油脂更加容易由毛孔排出,而適當溫度既凍水亦可以有助鎮靜皮膚。但太凍或者太熱既水反而會過分刺激,容易令皮膚出現敏感既情況。所以大家係護膚既時候都要注意呢啲小細節,否則唔單止對皮膚無幫助仲有可能傷害皮膚。

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