Not All Preservatives Are Bad 零防腐劑既產品先對皮膚好?

Not All Preservatives Are Bad

Why is it unsafe to use products without any preservatives at all?

Do you go for the products that claim to have no preservatives? Most people might mistakenly think that preservative-free products are automatically better for you. Did you know that even if a product is organic, it does not necessarily mean that it is free from preservatives?

The word “preservatives” sounds pretty scary to many people. But preservatives are not something we should be afraid of - they are not as bad as you might think!

In fact, it is actually safer to have the right preservatives than no preservatives at all in our skincare products.

Picture a bowl of fresh fruit and vegetables sitting on your counter for days, weeks, maybe even a year without preservatives. Would you still want to eat them? In the same way, the wonderful, luxurious ingredients in your skincare products can go bad within a week without the right preservatives. This is because the water in skincare products is prone to developing bacteria, yeast, and mold. It’s not just water either; any product you see with floral waters, hydrosols, aloe vera, and goat milk will all have similar issues. Not only would this be a waste of money for you, the bacteria you would find in rotten skincare ingredients would damage your skin health too.

The good news is that there are different techniques and ingredients that can preserve your skincare products in a completely safe way, with the right concentration and ratios, without irritating your skin or damaging your health. Skincare products can be preserved without the use of harmful ingredients like parabens. No matter how expensive or active your skincare products are, they are most likely preserved in some way. So next time you see preservatives in skincare products, remember it’s not a bad thing!

Not all preservatives are bad


完全無防腐劑(Preservative Free)的產品是否真的對皮膚最好?就算是市面上表明有機的產品都並不代表是完全無防腐劑,其實防腐劑並沒有想像般可怕。

好多人一聽見防腐劑就會覺得可怕,等同聽見化學物 (想了解更多有關化學物的真相可參考連結。而事實上,適當使用防腐劑比完全無防腐劑既護膚品更加安全。






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