Herbs'Oil磁力碎粉掃 Flat Top Powder Brush

 How to Use 倒半茶匙份量在盒蓋上  然後用掃取粉 再打5個圈以平均碎粉量的分佈 然後以打圈方式上到臉上 建議定期清潔及更換化妝掃
Latex-Free Beauty Sponge

How To Use  沾上適量碎粉 再輕輕按上面 建議2個月更換
Herbs'Oil解結髮梳 Miracle Island Detangling Hair Brush

 Use with our Hair Care collection.  Apply hair conditioner or mask with your hands. Then use the detangling brush to evenly distribute.
Herbs'Oil矽膠面膜刷 Herbs'Oil Cream Mask Brush

Perfect to use with our Brightening Cream Mask, this tool helps with easy application and no mess! It's easy to clean and makes applying an even layer of mask even easier!
專為Brightening Cream Mask而設,選用高彈性橡膠,不會拉扯表皮,可輕輕將Cream Mask均勻塗上肌膚
Herbs'Oil皂墊 Veggie Soap Pad

For use with Instant Beauty Bar or other bar soap Place soap bar on to veggie soap pad to allow water to drip and air to circulate. Our Veggie Soap Pad can be used in soap dishes, on shower shelves...
How to Use 每次用完皂後把皂抖走水珠 將皂放上皂墊風乾 可無限次循環使用  
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