Effects of Blue Light on Skin 抗氧化劑究竟如何對抗藍光?

Effects of blue light on skin

The use of electronics has become a regular part of our lives, but in recent years, more and more studies have pointed out that blue light, which can be emitted from everyday electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, televisions, and computer screens, can have a damaging impact on our skin. 

First of all, what is blue light? Blue light is a high-energy visible light, also known as HEV. The wavelength of blue light is 390-500 nm. In comparison, the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays’ wavelengths range from 280 nm to 400 nm, while the entire light spectrum goes up to 700 nm. The main source of blue light we are exposed to comes from the sun, but even our everyday electronics emit blue light (although at a much smaller ratio). The problem with blue light produced by our electronic devices is that it’s so close to us - just think of how much you use your phone or computer in a day! 

As blue light can penetrate deep into the skin, long-term exposure to concentrated blue light energy can cause skin damage, including hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and photoaging (aging from exposure to light). 

So what can you do to fight against blue light damage?


Since blue light can cause oxidative damage to your skin, look for products that contain antioxidants. Both our toner collection and our Radiance and Firming Concentrate are rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, and chamomile. Adding them to your daily skin care routine is a great way to help your skin build a strong foundation.

Natural Barrier Protection

Use skin care products to create a natural protective barrier between your skin and harmful pollutants. Our SOS Booster Cream can create a layer or protection for your skin. The product contains an ingredient called ectoin, which protects the skin from visible light damage at the cellular level.


It is important to thoroughly wash away all contaminants and dust accumulated on the skin. But make sure that you use a gentle cleansing product that won’t damage your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Our Chamomile Calendula Gel Cleanser is designed to be gentle and contains chamomile as well as other antioxidants.

Effects of Blue Light on Skin


藍光其實是一種高能量的可見光,又名HEV。這種光除了存在於陽光下,甚至日常使用的電子產品內都存在。藍光的波長為390 – 500nm,因為藍光能深入皮膚的真皮層,長期暴露於集中的藍光能量會令肌膚受損,導致皮膚暗黃並削弱皮膚屏障。簡單來說,藍光會促進皮膚的壓力源,導致肌膚加速老化。





您可以使用護膚品為皮膚及有害污染物之間建立一個天然屏障。SOS Booster Cream可以產生一層不堵塞毛孔的屏障,而且含有一種稱為喜鹽菌的成分,可保護肌膚免藍光侵害。


每天清潔肌膚上的污染物及灰塵是十分重要的,但需確保使用溫和潔面產品才不會破壞皮膚自身的水分屏障。Ocean 3+ 洗面奶成份溫和,含有豐富的海洋成份同時添加了抗氧化劑可以更有效保護肌膚。

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