What is Niacinamide/Vitamin B3? 究竟維他命B3有咩功用?

What is Niacinamide Vitamin B3

Okay guys, niacinamide is super, super special! Why? It’s one of those rare ingredients that has some amazing benefits and almost no side effects! It’s safe for nearly all skin types and gentle enough for sensitive skin. It’s also been around in skin care for a long time so there are lots of studies to back up the claims.

So what does niacinamide do?

First of all, niacinamide or vitamin B3 is found naturally in your skin and it has several functions that keep your skin healthy. The reason it can do so many jobs is that it’s an enzyme precursor. One important function is that it helps to maintain your skin’s natural barrier and can help to reduce skin sensitivity. As a general rule, if your skin barrier is healthy your skin will maintain moisture better and will do a better job of deflecting irritants and pollution.
On top of that Niacinamide also increases the skin’s level of lipids, called ceramides, which work to keep dry skin moisturized and have been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dull skin. Wait there’s more! Niacinamide also helps to brighten your skin and even your skin tone. That means it can reduce hyperpigmentation or blotchiness!

Okay, where can I get some?

Our #1 best selling product, the SOS Booster Hydrating and Brightening Mask, is a great option for adding more niacinamide into your skin care routine. Niacinamide is one of the few ingredients that plays well with others, so you can use it any step in your routine. However, you should try to use products that you leave on your skin to get the full benefits. So when it comes to using our SOS mask, after leaving it on for about 15 minutes, you can gently pat in any excess serum into your skin to really soak in all that vitamin B3!

What is Niacinamide/Vitamin B3?



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